Episode 139 - Discovery Via Beats

On episode 139 of the Cups N Cakes Radio Show, Ella brings you five incredible, eclectic sets of Canadian music but is particularly proud of her set of beats from Alberta artists. She talks about how beats can be a cool way of discovering new music. She explains that by researching the samples found within songs that rely heavily on other works, you can find incredible acts you’ve never heard about. She also touches on the “Best Of 2019… So Far” article that was recently released by the Cups N Cakes Team.

Featuring music from: No Museums, Foreign Diplomats, Winona Forever, The High Dials, Kuri, Kurt Loewen, Merival, Justin Wright, Bobbitopickles, Dollar Slice, Pilfermusic, Cazper, Tarik Robinson, Wunside, Pudding, WLMRT, Blessed, LAPS, Leif Vollebekk, Sam Lynch, Lucas Chaisson and New Swears.

With background music from: Tarik Robinson