Cups N Cakes began as a bi-weekly internet radio show playing only Canadian independent acts with an emphasis on the Western Provinces. The show started as a way for hosts Jeff MacCallum and Carey Newton to maintain their friendship while sharing laughs along with their favourite music. In May of 2017, Cups N Cakes evolved into a music media source with the launch of this website. With the new look came the addition of weekly written reviews, an interview based podcast and, of course, the original internet radio program. 

The Cups N Cakes internet radio show has been in existence for nearly four years and has morphed into one of the best sources for new Western Canadian music. The show will play tunes from the rest of Canada from time to time but the true aim is to highlight the grossly ignored music scene from Winnipeg to Victoria. Each show is comprised of a half hour of Jeff and Carey’s tomfoolerous banter and an hour of new music. The duo’s chemistry is evident as they unapologetically chat about a vast array of topics and try to poke fun at society in general. 

Over the course of the radio show’s existence, Jeff and Carey found that their interviews typically had great content getting cut due to time constraints. This led to the interview based podcast called “Inside The Artists Studio.”  Over the course of the podcast’s short history they have managed to interview some amazing Canadian acts such as: Napalmpom, Slates, Shotgun Jimmie, Faith Healer, Mobina Galore and Fiver. The interviews inform listeners on the happenings with each act but then attempt to get the musicians to let their guards down with a goofy rapid-fire questionnaire. 

In addition to the audio components, the website boasts music reviews written by MacCallum, a news section, an online store and a hint at the future with Cups N Cakes TV.

Cups N Cakes is a necessary experience for music fans still interested in discovering the latest and greatest acts.