Episode 109 - Listening Party

We are soooo excited to finally share our compilation with the world! We bring in Craig Martell (Double Lunch Records) & Ella Coyes (Sister Ray & Double Lunch Records) and we talk about the songs on the comp and the ridiculous packaging that is designed to make it look like a box of Crayola Crayons. We also discuss Sled Island and the acts they're excited to see this year.

You will hear the comp from start to finish which includes songs from: Screaming Targets, Mulligrub, Dumb w/ Friends, Doug Hoyer, Gary's House, Ultra Mega, Chris Page, Bad Canada, Valiska, Expanda Fuzz, Cham, Body Lens, Counterfeit Jeans, Soul Mates, Sister Ray, Jesse & The Dandelions and Napalmpom w/ Night Committee.