Episode 146 - Falling Behind

Cups N Cakes creator, Jeff MacCallum’s life has been high jacked by ridiculously long work hours followed by a much needed vacation. With everything going on in his life he has fallen behind on his scheduling duties for this radio show and had to whip an episode together last minute. Luckily, he had a ton of great tunes on his vacation and was able to put together an incredible show of the best new Canadian music imaginable. 

Discover new music from: Cartel Madras, Alien Trap Lords, The Mighty Rhino, Jom Comyn, Eamon McGrath, Owen Davies, David Ivan Neil, Dead Soft, Stripmall, Slam Dunk, Common Holly, Sarah Pagé, André Ethier, Walrus, Mother Sun, Groan Boy, WHOOP-Szo, Woodhawk, Black Mastiff, and Chron Goblin.

With Background music from: Apollo Ghosts.