Episode 132 - New Host #1

Episode 132 of the Cups N Cakes Radio Show sees Jeff making good on his promise to pass the show off to some new team members. On this show, Kent Phillips takes over the host seat, forcing Jeff to act as co-host. Kent curates an incredible show packed full of fresh new Canadian bands. The fellas also play a couple bands announced in Sled Island’s second wave of artists which prompts them to geek out on their favourite Canadian festival.

With music from: Deliluh, PRIORS, Hot Garbage, Divorcer, Lemongrab, N0V3L, Light Conductor, Anemone, Tallies, Snakies, Wild/Kind, Pale Lips, Wine Lips, Pudding, Wizaard, Fet.Nat, Steve Adamyk Band, Bad Hoo, Sex Geckos & Botfly.

Background music from: Fet.Nat.