012 - Faith Healer

Jeff takes over from Marvin to chat with Jessica Jalbert of Faith Healer. They talk about Faith Healer becoming a duo with the addition of Renny Wilson, the difficulties of being a band in Edmonton and what it means to be a part of Mint Records. Then Jessica tries to start a beef with War On Drugs in the rapid-fire segment.

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Cups N CakesFaith Healer
011 - Mobina Galore

Marvin interviews Jenna Priestner & Marcia Hanson of the Winnipeg punk band Mobina Galore. They discuss the joys of touring with Against Me!, how to manage a crazy tour schedule and their most recent release Feeling Disconnected. Then the rapid-fire questions bring out some laughs and answers like cotton candy, Beyonce, Beyonce and… Beyonce.

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Cups N CakesMobina Galore
010 - Sister Ray

Jeff takes over from Marvin to interview Ella Coyes about her unique project Sister Ray. They discuss the aim of the project, her dislike of her debut album and the importance of Craig Martell to the albums very existence. Then Ella goes through the rapid-fire questions and we learn of her hatred towards adults acting like children in medical clinics and her love of Jeff Buckley.

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Cups N CakesSister Ray
008 - Gary's House

Garrett Johnson stops by for a chat with Marvin about his recent name change from Brazilian Money to Gary's House then they get into the rapid fire which brings up crashing cars, finger licking and tramp stamps.

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Cups N CakesGary's House