051 - Eamon McGrath

On today’s episode of Inside the Artist’s Studio, Sean talks to Eamon McGrath, who at the time had just finished touring his 2018 album Tantramar. The conversation dives heavily into the art/business of touring and how it taught McGrath just how much his home country has influenced his music. They also look at the difference between music scenes in major markets within Canada versus the scenes in the cities with little to no music industry. Then they have some fun with a quick dive into the rapid-fire questions before playing a brand new single called “Guts” that will be on McGrath’s forthcoming album. 

This isn’t the first time Eamon McGrath has appeared at the Cups N Cakes Network, have a listen to Episode 083 of the Radio Show, in which McGrath reads an excerpt from his 2017 book “Berlin-warszawa Express”.

Recorded February 14th, 2019.

Track used with full permission from Eamon McGrath.

Background Music:

Atlantis Jazz Ensemble - Undercurrents

Used with permission from Atlantis Jazz Ensemble and Marlow Records.