053 - Maddie Storvold


On this episode of Inside the Artist’s studio, Sean talks to soon-to-be country star Maddie Storvold about her unique experiences in the industry and her new album Flowers, Books, Poetry and the Moon, which was a former “Pick Of The Week” here at the Cups N Cakes Network.

They chat about the sense of humour in Maddie’s music, and about returning to Canada after spending most her formative years in Dubai. Sean gives Maddie a rapid-fire questionnaire before she leaves, and she touches on her experience working with Bryan Adams on CTV’s The Launch.

Recorded March 22nd, 2019.

Track used with full permission from Maddie Storvold.


Background Music:

Atlantis Jazz Ensemble - Undercurrents

Used with permission from Atlantis Jazz Ensemble and Marlow Records