060 - Bridal Party

Bridal Party’s new album Too Much is one of Sean’s favourite records of 2019 (and it hasn’t even come out yet!); he got the chance to listen to the album before doing this interview at Sled Island 2019. It’s a record where every song is supernaturally likeable; they all twist and turn in a way that’s danceable, unexpected, and completely inevitable. The interview was conducted in a barely furnished Airbnb in Calgary’s Bridgeland neighbourhood, where Sean pulled the couch into the kitchen to avoid the unpleasant ringing of a completely empty living room. They chatted about pop music, Steely Dan, the magical land of Victoria, and of course, Bridal Party’s forthcoming album, Too Much

Recorded June 20th, 2019.

Episode produced and edited by Sean Newton.

Track used with full permission from Bridal Party.

Background Music:

Atlantis Jazz Ensemble - Undercurrents

Used with permission from Atlantis Jazz Ensemble and Marlow Records.