Cups N Cakes creators reminisce on three musical years of intricate radness

Two friends’ tasty audio

Hanging out with your best friend is perhaps one of the oldest and most sacred reasons to drink—second only to heartbreak. That, and a mutual love of music are what have kept the Cups N Cakes podcast together. With three years of experience now under its belt, Cups N Cakes is gearing up for some big changes, and of course a party.   

Hosts Jeff MacCallum and Carey Newton are a reliable resource to have if you’re interested in what the Edmonton music scene has to offer. Every two weeks, they broadcast an hour of new and exciting Western Canadian tunes interspersed with a half hour of news and commentary.

“I’ve done that my whole life. I’m old enough that I made mixtapes,” says MacCallum. “I loved sharing the stuff that was exciting to me with other people and I think it’s just fitting that I’m doing this.” 

There has been an obvious climb in quality from the first episode to the present day, and the duo are making strides to keep that trend rolling.

On June 1, Cups N Cakes will be rolling out a new website in an effort to maximize its multimedia presence. Their artist interview segment, “Inside the Artist’s Studio” which is hosted by the dynamic and charming character of Marvin Greensborough, will be available on the main site as well as iTunes. Even with all the new bells and whistles upcoming, the podcast’s heart is still the friendship between MacCallum and Newton.

“The ultimate goal is to be something that people trust to discover new music,” says MacCallum. “The other goal, which is current, is just Carey and me getting together and having some fun.”   

Reflecting on the last three years, it’s hard for MacCallum to pick just one favourite moment from the podcast—those usually come after they’ve unplugged the mics and hung up the headphones.

“It’s usually on the patio having beers with whoever we’ve recorded with after,” says MacCallum. “Sometimes they’ve got to be fast, like a touring band comes in and it’s very get in, get out. But if we’ve got some time, I always have beer in the fridge and whiskey in the cupboard, and you can stay as long as you want and we can bullshit.”

For its anniversary show, Cups N Cakes are celebrating with performances by some of their favourite musicians, such as Doug Hoyer, 36?, Nolan Bossert, and Skymall. The evening begins with a screening of The People vs. George Lucas, a documentary on the sometimes-controversial legacy of the Star Wars creator. It’s May 4 after all.

“I think there’s something to be said about being introduced to it by hearing it. That’s why I think live shows are so significant,” says MacCallum. “You know, I’d urge anybody out there to just go to a live show full of a bunch of bands that they don’t know. That’s what I hope is a way to have people hear it.”

Thurs., May 4 (6:30 pm)

Cups N Cakes 3rd Anniversary w/ 36?, Doug Hoyer, Nolan Bossert, and Skymall

The Needle, $5 in advance, $10 at the door

Lucas Provencher

Cups N Cakes