Ethan Bokma - Love Beyond All Worlds


Edmonton has been known for its experimental scene for a long time, the city pushes the musical envelope like no other. Some say the reason is the long, harsh winter that keeps people indoors for much of the year. This may play a part but the biggest reason is the intense support from the rest of the music community. In Edmonton it’s not strange to have an experimental/ambient artist on an indie rock or folk bill. It’s this kind of support that helps relatively new artists gain the confidence to dive head first into their craft. Take Ethan Bokma as an example, building a strong following over the past three years, Bokma has grown in leaps and bounds. Part of this is definitely due to the community support but the other part may have to due with the insane amount of time he has dedicated to his craft. Besides playing under his given name, Bokma is a member of Heavy Beak and Holy Drone Travellers. Playing in three different projects isn’t all, the wild sounds of his bass clarinet are starting to be sought out by other acts with 2018 appearances on albums by Fitness and Raga Onagra.

For Bokma’s latest release, he flips the bird to Spotify, Google Play and Apple. Love Beyond All Worlds will not be available to stream, in fact, up until today it would have been impossible to even put on a computer. Originally released as a run of 30 cassettes September 20th, Bokma recorded a different improvised version for each tape. After each tape was dubbed, he deleted the file from his computer making them truly one of a kind.

Today marks the day that this insane undertaking jumps from the 70’s/80’s to the 90’s/2000’s with the arrival of Love Beyond All Worlds in CD form. Keeping the same spirit that began this project, Bokma is recording a different version for each CD of which 25 will be available. Each copy has it's own unique 18-20 minute live recording featuring clarinet improv and looping drones with no overdubs or editing. Some recordings also make use of guitar, keyboard, tambura, and/or percussion. The packaging is all handmade with a unique photograph for each CD and housed in a repurposed CD case. These amazing works of art are available now on his Bandcamp page.

As an added bonus, Bokma has granted the Cups N Cakes Network exclusive permission to be the only outlet offering a preview of what you may hear on this incredible release. Enjoy this seven minute excerpt from Love Beyond All Worlds.