Publicity Drive

Hey All,

Jeff here, coming at you in need. I'll try my hardest to not sound needy or desperate but that is just how I'm feeling right now. I know we've all heard different publications do annual drives for funds that help cover operating costs and this is kind of like that... minus the funds. Let's call it a publicity drive.

I make my living as a journey carpenter and I do alright, Cups N Cakes is a passion project that I do on the side. Would it be cool to one day make a living at this?… Of course! But I'm not looking for your money, what I need from you is support. I need more traffic on the website, more views/listens of the content & more shares/likes on social media. As of right now I do the original internet radio show with Carey, the interview podcast called Inside The Artists Studio, the brand new YouTube show called Vinyl Unveil and a weekly written review called The Pick Of The Week. Everything I just listed is researched, curated, produced, edited and posted by me as well as all social media and website upkeep. It is a lot of work and your support has kept me moving forward and kept me positive that, perhaps one day, this could be a trusted source for discovering new music. Sadly, right now all this work that I do after my regular 44hrs/week is going nowhere. There are people tuning in but this month my modest numbers actually decreased substantially. So, I'm doing the least cool thing one can do... Asking for your help!

My annual drive will not include any need to donate cash. All I'm asking is that you fine folks either check out my website more frequently or subscribe to my YouTube Channel or subscribe to my podcast or share Cups N Cakes with your friends and family through social media or word of mouth or (my favourite option)... All of the above. 

These fine gestures would take very little of your time and would mean so much to me. Truth be told... I have this stupid notion that asking for help means you’ve failed. I know it’s a silly mentality but I can’t change the fact that this request is hard for me, but I do need your help.

Please be a part of my publicity drive and help Cups N Cakes grow. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Jeff MacCallum