Cups N Cakes Compilation Cassette!


A DIY labour of love!
This exclusive cassette is designed to mimic a box of Crayola Crayons. 
Packaged in a handcut/glued crayon box, each cassette is hand numbered and coloured to mimic the crayons within. The release also comes with a booklet, stickers and a download code. The compilation will be released through Double Lunch Records on May 25th.

The release features 17 songs from 18 different acts which includes: Screaming Targets (Edmonton), Mulligrub (Winnipeg), Dumb & Friends (Vancouver), Doug Hoyer (Edmonton/Chicago), Gary's House (Montreal), Ultra Mega (Winnipeg), Chris Page (Ottawa), Bad Canada (Vancouver), Valiska (Calgary), Expanda Fuzz (Ottawa), Cham (Edmonton), Body Lens (Lethbridge), Counterfeit Jeans (Edmonton), Soul Mates (Saskatoon), Sister Ray (Edmonton), Jesse & The Dandelions (Edmonton), Napalmpom (Calgary) & Night Committee (Calgary). 

Each song was recorded exclusively for release on this compilation. You'll only find these tracks here! Limited to a run of 300, this limited packaging will be a one-time release. 

Pre-Orders include an advance download/stream of Mulligrub's 'The Jig Is Up'.