Single Premiere: Cantoo - Lake July

Cantoo is a wonderful Edmonton band fronted by Aaron Parker. Their incredible debut album was released way back in 2013 and the band has laid fairly dormant ever since. This temporary hiatus was due, in large part, to Parker starting a family. Although Cantoo was put on the back burner, Parker remained busy playing for other people as he has helmed the keys for Faith Healer and Smokey & The Feeelings. The new EP is simply named "2 (EP)" and will be released May 18th.

Said to be a document of Cantoo's music growth, the material on 2 (EP) spans the life of the band. Although the songs were written over five plus years, they're thematically consistent with themes of identity and change. The track we get to premiere was actually written before the band formed and fits in with the theme by describing a place that is a little too perfect to be real.

Cantoo's release party for 2 (EP) will be at The Aviary in Edmonton on May 18th with Jom Comyn [who lends his voice to one of the tracks on 2 (EP)] & Baby Jey. Find the event page here.