Single Premiere: Not Of - The Goat


The Cups N Cakes Network is ecstatic to offer an advance listen of "The Goat" by Toronto band Not Of

Back in 2015, this noise-rock duo crept onto the Cups N Cakes radar. Their debut album Pique was ferocious but surprisingly melodic. It was named our favourite Canadian album of 2015 and left us rabid for more. Attempting to keep the momentum alive the duo of John Ex & Victor Malang quickly got back in the saddle and wrote a follow up. The idea was to pump it out quick but as they started to tinker in the studio, their creativeness kept them from completion. Returning to their original philosophy, they decided to let the record tell them when it’s done and not the other way around. Now, three years after their incredible debut, they are primed to release their sophomore album entitled Hypocritic Oath. 

Set to drop on July 27th through Winnipeg's No List Records, Hypocritic Oath is noisier, more refined and way more ambitious than Pique. The album will be available digitally and on vinyl (limited to 300 copies). Pre-order your copy here while you listen to "The Goat." 

Catch them August 10th in Toronto at The Baby G & August 24th in Hamilton at This Ain't Hollywood.