Single Premiere: At Mission Dolores - Cool World

There is something happening in Kamloops, BC and it’s time for the rest of Canada to take notice. At the helm of this small, yet tenacious scene is At Mission Dolores. Perfect indie rock that can swoop between garage and pop; they are prepping not one, but two full length albums in 2019.

The single “Cool World” is the title track from a release due February 8th on Factotum Cassettes & Oddities. This album was actually recorded second and is meant as a contrasting companion piece to the album they recorded live off the floor with Jordan Koop at Noise Floor Studio. After returning from recording with Koop, they still had many ideas they wanted to explore so they hit the studio again but approached the remaining songs in a completely different way. The second albums tracks were stitched together in various studios, rarely with more than 2 band members present. To further this concept, the eight songs were mixed by five different engineers, putting multiple perspectives on the songs.

The single takes inspiration from 80's acts Camper Van Beethoven and the Violent Femmes by sarcastically addressing the modern counter culture lifestyle. Frontman JP Lancaster explains that “Cool World is basically a dig at the band's peer's generation and the inability to grow up. The line ‘living like a kid’ was born at the Noise Floor Studio when owner Terry Ondang was describing a well established Canadian band as still having to ‘live like kids’ due to how little they earned.”

The single was mixed and mastered by Jon Anderson, who is best known for his work on the recent Foxwarren album and Andy Shauf's "The Bearer of Bad News". 

Catch At Mission Dolores this winter:

- Vancouver - Jan 13th at Anza Club

- Kamloops - Jan 24th at Blue Grotto

- Calgary - Jan 26th at Last Best

- Vancouver - Feb 8th at Static Jupiter 

- Victoria - Feb 9th at TBA

- Kelowna - Feb 15th at Fernando’s