Album Premiere: G.B. Loon & The Loonies - Loonie Tunes

G.B. Loon & The Loonies are a Regina punk band that make songs that will pump you up and crack you up at the same time. They don’t take themselves seriously, instead opting to make songs for crushing beers and high-fiving your best buds. The word needs more music like this right now.

Check out this exclusive stream of their debut album as G.B. Loon & The Loonies (Frontman Devon Dozlaw used to put out music as G.B. Loon). These tongue-in-cheek songs range in content from house parties where nobody shows up to the mating rituals of insects to hating your younger self that shows up in a time machine.

Loonie Tunes was recorded by Dan Besuijen, Paul Hutchinson, mixed by Dan Besuijen and mastered at Soulsound by Orion Paradis. Although we are calling this an “exclusive” listen to the album, it’s not actually the most exclusive experience some have had with the record. The band have been circulating a Walkman with a test copy of the cassette. The idea was to create the most exclusive listening party ever by only allowing one person at a time to hear the release.

Enjoy this chance to hear the album before it’s released for streaming on October 11th and if you’re in Regina, check out these songs live that same day at the Mercury Cafe.

Hopefully that will tide you over until the physical copies are available in November.