RIP Larry Shelast


It is with a heavy heart that we deliver news of the passing of Jr. Gone Wild drummer, Larry Shelast, of an apparent heart-attack. The news came late November 7th through a post on the bands Facebook page. The band stated:

“Larry had a cantankerous exterior, offset by a compassionate and caring interior. Always professional. Took care of his gear. Loved his band. He was great to all our kids. He loved playing live with Jr Gone Wild (and a significant chunk of Edmontons underground roots scene) for all of you. I wish we could do it again...”

For those looking to pay their respects, details should emerge soon through the bands Facebook page.

Larry Shelast became the drummer for Jr. Gone Wild in 1991 after answering an ad in a music store. His first gig with the band came the same year at the Commonwealth Stadium, playing in front of 55,000 people when the band played halftime during a CFL game. Jr. Gone Wild were part of a punk-rock explosion that happened in Alberta in the 80’s that included names like SNFU and the smalls. They differed from the rest by fusing punk-rock with country music. Considered to be ten years ahead of their time, they fizzled out in the mid 90’s but reunited in 2013 to an elated fan base that had been dying for their resurgence. They began recording new material which led to the track “Barricades (The Hockey Riot Song)” in 2015 and a 2018 tour.