Film Premiere: Hattie - Live At The Lawrence

At the end of 2018, Saskatoon’s Jason Hattie put out a wonderful release called Seance that steered his project (simply named Hattie) into brand new territory. The electro-pop sounds found on his 2016 album, karate, were brushed aside for indie-rock and grunge infused with some twang. Seance was a huge creative departure that proved to be brilliant; you can hear more passion and enthusiasm within the new direction.

In order to carry his new vision forward, Jason Hattie needed a band. He looked inward and recruited longtime pals Steven Fischer on guitar and Graham Templeman on drums. The trio have easily become one of Saskatchewan’s hardest working bands by pushing Seance hard online and on the road.

Today we are proud to present to the world the new project from Hattie. It’s a live film that features four songs, two from Seance and two that are brand new. The live footage is shot in a gorgeous old farmhouse with ornate mouldings, floral wallpaper and warm wood surfaces. The bands loud, energetic sound is on full display as the film cuts between live footage and shots of the band walking through a Fall forest setting.

Check out Seance: