Single Premiere: Labradoodle - Svelte Raccoon

Rock n Roll isn’t dead. Don’t believe what the outside world is trying to tell you. Although kick-ass riffs and beer guzzling anthems are rarely heard in the Billboard Charts, fist pumping Rock n Roll is being kept alive where it belongs. Find it in the basement venues, the dark rooms in the “cheap-rent” neighbourhoods. Rooms that stink of beer, sweat and stale cigarettes. Rock n Roll has officially come full circle, and this has weeded out the garbage wannabes. Enter Edmonton’s Labradoodle. A band that the City Of Champions believed had packed it in and called it a day. Their last release was in 2013 and back then, they were actively kicking everyones asses.

Today, we are pleased to say that those days are retuning to a dank, stale, basement venue near you. On April 20th, Labradoodle will be releasing their first new music in over five years with the four song EP entitled Only III. We are pleased to share with you an exclusive listen to the advance single from this forthcoming release. The track is called “Svelte Raccoon” and is everything you want from a rock track. Heavy riffage, thundering drum fills and a proper “Rock n Roll” vocal delivery are packed into this amazing song. Listen and pre-order below. If in Edmonton, check out Labradoodle’s release show with Pot Cop and Pike on April 20th at The Sewing Machine Factory.

And as a bonus…