EP Premiere: Polly Dactic - Half Nermal

Calgary’s Polly Dactic began in 2017 as the brainchild of Nyssa Brown (Hag Face, Blü Shorts). She was quickly joined by Mathieu Blanchard (Sunglaciers, Crystal Eyes) and Gwen Morgan (Uncanny Valley, Purlicue). The band fuses electro-pop and new wave sounds into a wild experience that can take the listener from uneasy to ethereal… sometimes within the same song. Western Canada quickly took notice and they managed to earn opening spots for higher profile acts like Jo Passed, FRIGS and Tough Age, as well as repeat invitations to play Sled Island Music Festival.

They would, however, make us wait for their first official release, but that wait is nearly over. On Saturday, June 1st, Polly Dactic’s debut EP will finally be released with a show in Calgary at the #1 Legion. You can also catch them twice at Calgary’s Sled Island Music Festival (June 21 at Broken City & June 22 at McHugh House). If in BC, catch them June 28 at Fake Jazz in Vancouver and June 29 at SinkerFest in Nanaimo.

We are beyond delighted to be able to give the world an exclusive listen of the entire EP before its release. Check it out below and follow the build-in link to pre-order a copy.