Video Premiere: Jake Ian - Thief River Falls

We are honoured to premiere a brand new song and live video from Jake Ian. We last heard from this country/folk troubadour who hails from Edmonton, Alberta in 2017 when he released the widely acclaimed album The Trestle. This track was written between recording sessions for his next album but didn’t fit the mold for how the record was shaping up. The song is a deeply personal take on late winter depression, an affliction from which Ian suffers and that is all too common among those living through the long, dark winters in his northerly hometown. A tender, finger-picked guitar and melancholic harmonica make up the instrumentation while Ian sings lyrics based on a telephone conversation with an old friend. Please enjoy the live video for “Thief River Falls” below and catch Jake Ian performing with Bebe Buckskin & Carter Felker on May 31st in Calgary at King Eddy and with Carter Felker on June 1st in Edmonton at the Empress Ale House.