Single Premiere: Doug Hoyer - New Recruit

Former Edmontonian Doug Hoyer is prepping his latest album, Character Witness,  for release on May 17th. Hoyer has had a truly unique few years that began when he left Edmonton for Athens, Georgia. His time away then sent him to Chicago, before returning to Canada and setting up shop in Calgary. In that time he became a background actor (look hard while watching the Avengers End Game) which inspired his latest single “New Recruit”. When asked about the content of the song, Hoyer says:

“I wrote this piece as a reflection on all the folks I’d meet on set as a background actor; so many middle aged guys, or early retirees all saying ‘I’ve given my life to business or the military or some organization, now it’s my time to shine’, and they would misguidedly attempt to become a film star at 60…

…I wrote this song from the perspective of a boss during a job interview, telling the young buck that soon he’d be joining the ranks of those who have forgotten their dreams.”

Although it comes off as a depressing song, Hoyer claims there is actually a lot of humour in it when you learn that he, himself, might have also inspired the narrative of the tune having recently begun a new career as a hearing aid practitioner and working regular hours for the first time in his life. The track is intentionally sparse, other than piano, it features violin from Emily Jane Powers (whom Hoyer met in Chicago) and trombone from Hoyer’s wife, Maureen Murray.

Listen to “New Recruit” below then follow the link in the embed to pre-order, or pick up the new album in person at his album release shows.

Edmonton - May 18th at Empress Ale House (Two Sets! - One solo, one with full band)

Calgary - May 25th at King Eddy with Tariq and The Rosellas