Single Premiere: David Ivan Neil - Walmart Parking Lot

Abbotsford’s David Ivan Neil makes outsider folk music that draws you in close. Repetitive acoustic guitar with layers of sound built on top make the backdrop for Neil’s musings which look at life in a way that makes each listen more contemplative than the last. The newest single from his forthcoming album called What Is Love is full of questions. Set around a family living in a camper in a parking lot, Neil ponders their life and how society should react to this kind of suburban poverty. It’s a heart breaking examination that is made all the more chilling by Neil’s unique vocal delivery.

What Is Love will be released August 1st through Kingfisher Bluez Records. Enjoy this exclusive first listen to “Walmart Parking Lot”, then hit the pre-order button to secure one of the 300 vinyl copies that will be available.