Video/Single Premiere: Smaller Hearts - Circuitry

Halifax electro-pop act Smaller Hearts are prepping their sophomore album entitled Honestly for release on July 12th. This new effort comes one year after their self-titled debut launched them into the East Coast pop stratosphere. Bass heavy synths underscore a sugary pop sound that is the perfect soundtrack to a beautiful summer day or a dance filled night out.

Today we are pleased to present the second single from Honestly in the form of a music video. The song is called “Circuitry” and it aims to take a positive look at our day to day routines. When asked about the track, Smaller Hearts reveal:

"The title is a double meaning—a reference to the electronic instruments we use, but also the circuits we all run in our daily routines. Often when we think of those daily circuits, we think of them negatively—running in circles—but this song tries to find a positive side to retracing our paths and finding ourselves."

Enjoy this video that will put a pep in your step, then mark July 12th on the calendar so you don’t miss Honestly’s release date.