Video Premiere: Groan Boy - Coppermines

The Territories are sometimes forgotten by the rest of Canada, but life moves along, way up there, and it’s worth noting that there’s ambitiously creative, and overwhelmingly-under-appreciated musical artists above the 60th parallel. Life that far North is about extremes, and there is no better way to express these extremes than through art.

Whitehorse, Yukon has a small but incredible music scene with emerging acts that offer their unique Northerly observations. One of these acts is Groan Boy who will be releasing his debut album, entitled What In The World Happened To Chingy?, on August 10th through Big Boat Records (a label he co-founded). A sonic melancholy permeates the tracks while the writing is inspired by life growing up in the Yukon, and explores family, friendship, and being happy with what you have. Two singles have already been released on his Bandcamp page and today we get the honour of premiering the video for the third, entitled “Coppermines”.

The video was shot by Lethbridge artist Evan Ushanko (who is the driving force behind Ghost Woman, a Cups N Cakes favourite), and features Groan Boy going on a, not-so-pleasant, ride in the trunk of a Lincoln Continental. The villain of “Coppermines” is Groan Boy’s longtime pal (and Big Boat Records other half) Patrick Hamilton who also produced the album.

Enjoy the video below, and if you’re reading this from The Wilderness City, make sure you check out Groan Boy’s Release Show on August 10th at The Heart of Riverdale Community Centre with guests Cryptozoologists.