Video Premiere: Garrett Olson - Credits Roll

Garrett Olson has spent the past few years tinkering with diverse sonic disguises, from his beginnings as a purveyor of intricately crafted folk tunes to his time spent leading the Toronto based garage rock group The Fallers. Olson’s latest single, called “Credits Roll”, lands somewhere right in between his past musical excursions, carrying forward the intimacy and conversational tone of his more acoustic songwriting, with the aesthetically spot-on production from his full band efforts.

The video was shot entirely in one take in Olson’s apartment in Edmonton, Alberta, and was the result of a collaboration between Garrett and director Corey Gomez. The fluid movements between instruments show how the song was developed from it’s initial influences and conception (check out the Sam Cooke record he puts on right at the start) to the final stages of production and recording.

The LP from which this track hails is going to be out late 2019, and was performed, produced, engineered, and mixed by Olson out of a family cabin in Buffalo Lake, Alberta.