Single Premiere: Juniper Bush - Slowly

juniper bush1.jpg

Juniper Bush move from dreamy soundscapes to loud distortion effortlessly. Featuring members of Holy Void, Basic Nature, and Black Cloud; they’re no strangers to Winnipeg’s music scene and have been turning heads in their hometown for a couple years. Soon, they’ll be sending shockwaves across Canada with the release of their debut album, Healing Through A Sonic Figure, set to drop in Spring 2020 on Transistor 66.

We are very excited to be able to give you the first track from this highly anticipated album. The song is called “Slowly”, and features heart wrenching reflections on:

“what had been thought to be a close long-term friendship, gone terribly awry, the challenges of trying to understand another point of view that is skewed by addictions and the difficulty in not being met halfway.”