The Deep Dark Woods


Yarrow // Six Shooter

After a five year hiatus, The Deep Dark Woods have risen from the grave with a new sound. Although still best described as Folk, they have said goodbye to their jam heavy efforts of old and moved towards a spooky, murder inspired vibe. Reverb soaked guitar and horror seeped organ jump out on the first track “Fallen Leaves,” while frontman Ryan Boldt sings from the perspective of a man who lost his love to a sudden death. On the next track we learn this death was a jealous murder as the tale is told from the eyes of the rejected other man. Boldt has never sounded better and seems to have found his calling writing tunes with an ominous edge. The album features Kacy & Clayton throughout the nine tracks, which proves to be a stroke of genius as Kacy’s voice is able to act as both beacon of light or the final nail in the coffin. Yarrow is The Deep Dark Woods’ best album to date and makes the five year wait worth every agonizing second.