Aleem Khan

Urbana Champaign // Slow Release

Being a little late to the triumph that is Aleem Khan’s Urbana Champaign is alright. The vibe of the party is relaxed, not urgent. Things will unfold when they decide it’s necessary, the pace isn’t important, there are no deadlines in this blissful retreat for your ears. Rich layers of organs and horns serenade the start of the soiree until the first words are uttered… “Simply Stunning”

Questions of culture and identify are brought up as the album ponders how life may have been different if key decisions were reversed. Questions which can never be answered… The mid point of the album is the first glimpse of uneasy confusion as “Marzipan” battles the many questions and emotions without uttering a single word. 

Musical experimentation carries the storyline of Urbana Champaign with horns front and center. A well thought out decision as there are no better instruments equipped to channel complex emotions. A fusion of soul, jazz and pop this album will keep you coming back for years to come.