Counterfeit Jeans

Self Titled // Sometimes Music

Counterfeit Jeans self titled debut is a slap in the jaw…. But in a good way. Waves of feedback, urgent guitar licks, masterfully crafted baselines and percussion make this record impossible to ignore. The trio blew up in Edmonton last year and instead of hitting cruise control they stomped on the gas. They played endless gigs and festivals to rave reviews. But playing so many live shows can be a double edged sword. You can over saturate your local scene and start to have low attendance but, on the other hand, you can use those shows to hone your skills and become an even tighter unit. It’s very clear that Counterfeit Jeans have become bigger and better. Their debut EP delivered a wrecking ball to the city of Edmonton but their 1st full length is an all out blitzkrieg that will no doubt be felt all across Canada. Available on black and white marbled vinyl with the best cover art I’ve seen in years (artwork by Jill Stanton).