Nap Eyes

Thought Rock Fish Scale // You've Changed

Nap Eyes sophomore album, Thought Rock Fish Scale, is a triumph. An elegant example of less is more. Unlike their first record, this time around the lyrics are front and center. The album finds frontman Nigel Chapman in a contemplative state that seems to end with a self awareness that he’s never before experienced. A lot of the lyric structure is reminiscent of Bob Dylan’s best work. With this in mind, the tip of the cap to Dylan’s “Ballad of a Thin Man” in the track “Roll It” is even more poignant as it hints to another example of his theme of awareness hidden throughout the record. Chapman’s vocal delivery is magnificent, his deadpan delivery makes you think of Lou Reed almost immediately, never a bad thing. Recorded live off the floor with no overdubs in only four days, “Though Rock Fish Scale” must find its way into your collection.