Kacy & Clayton


The Siren's Song // New West

Hailing from the tiny town of Glentworth, Saskatchewan, Kacy & Clayton have been churning out the most exciting country/folk music Canada can offer. On their third release, they shoot for the stars by enlisting Jeff Tweedy to produce The Siren’s Song. The record looks to the past and pulls influences from classic country, folk and Americana. This album sees Kacy & Clayton playing with a full band on all nine tracks giving them a much more robust sound. There are Americana rock gems beside classic country and it works perfectly because of the continuity of Kacy’s incredible voice. She sings with the poise of past stars like Loretta Lynn or Patsy Cline. Although the music moves from genre to genre, lyrically this is a classic country album with songs of loneliness and heartbreak. The best example is on the highlight “This World Has Seven Wonders” where Kacy hungers for the solitude of the country and comments on the wretchedness of humans. It’s an incredible statement of detachment and alienation to the point of yearning for isolation. 

“There’s two kinds of people living in this galaxy, everybody else and me”

Country has been waiting for Kacy & Clayton and they prove there’s more to it than hillbilly party anthems. By honouring past sounds and fuelling their lyrics with country blues, they are making the genre relevant again.