Nancy Pants


Psychic Slush // Independent

When I first started listening to Nancy Pants’ latest LP, Psychic Slush, for this review, I sent it to a friend of mine who I thought would enjoy the record. I got an answer back within the hour that just read "THIS IS AWESOME". This album is many things: melodic and tuneful, intimate and dreamy. Songs like “Tasty” and “Green” feature an enticing combination of the lo-fi, hook driven garage pop of Total Nancy Pants with disorienting textures and downright noise that add a bit of melancholy and emotional complexity to the proceedings. “P.S” is an absolutely wild minute and a half, by far the most high energy and chaotic cut, while “Waito” flips it around and manages moments of straight-up wistfulness. Despite all this variety in sounds and mood, the production never gets in the way, and tends to stick to a gloriously roomy, live sound throughout the record. The drums are huge, the bass is absolutely filthy, and the ethereal backing vocals that float in and out of most tracks are a treat. Psychic Slush is indeed awesome; it’s a release from a band operating at the peak of their songwriting and production abilities, and one of the most fun releases of the year.

- Sean Newton