Fever Feel


Fever Feel // Independent 

Fever Feel’s self-titled debut is an explosive record, and one that compares favourably to the psych, blues, and progressive bands from the late 60’s from which its production and songwriting is drawn. The album begins with a propulsive percussion groove and maintains a certain intensity through its 40 minutes (and change) runtime. Whether it’s in the high energy rockers or the more contemplative moments, the vocal performances have a magnetism that holds your attention; it’s hard not be drawn in by the Jim Morrison-esque vibes on “Good Morning Babe” or the fuzzed out lead on “Lose Your Mind”. The instrumentation does a lot of heavy lifting here as well, from the organ ripping blues riffs to the otherworldly mellotron sounds sprinkled liberally on top of the world’s punchiest bass guitar. Fever Feel brought in Grammy-nominated engineer Claudius Mittendorfer (Weezer, Parquet Courts and Johnny Marr!!!) to help mix the tunes, and you can really hear his contribution; everything sounds amazing, and the timbre of these recordings really adds to the overall mood created by these songs. It’s a little dark, a little moody, and a little nostalgic; it’s also extremely groovy, thought out, and a fun listen.

- Sean Newton