Grimelda // Double Lunch Records

The duo of Blair Colwell and Skyler Cafferata play a frenetic brand of punk rock that keeps you guessing. Their debut album Grimelda clocks in with 25 minutes of spastic, A.D.D. riddled noise that shouldn’t make sense… but it works perfectly. Not only do they switch tempos with reckless abandon, they also jump to different genres. Take the album opener “John Denver” which starts with a gut punch of hardcore then crashes into a slow frolicking riff for roughly nine seconds before exploding into an assault of noise rock which gives way to a country interlude complete with guest violin and vocals from Twin Voices and Megan Nash. That all takes place in one minute and twenty-three seconds! The rest of the album doesn’t disappoint as they continue to turn on a dime, zigging instead of zagging and showing a complete disregard for typical song structure. The album is an anomaly, it shouldn’t work yet manages to persevere and triumph. In fact, it’s a perfect noise/punk record.

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