Power Buddies


PB // Independent

It happens all the time… a group gets together to make art in the form of music and typically it’s nothing worth writing about. The group eventually vanishes into the night without much care and life goes on. Although sometimes the band was able to leave such an impact that their farewell creates a void felt on a wider scale. This is the case with Edmonton’s Power Buddies whose mighty garage rock has been revered across the prairies since their debut album was released in 2014. The best/worst part of their demise is the fact that they ended sitting on a truly magical album that deserves the attention of the Canadian indie community. These final eight songs feature the incredible guitar tandem of Nolan Bossert and Cassia Hardy shredding over Hank Sebzda’s wailing organ notes while Andy Danny smashes the kit with ferocity. The recording is raw and captures their vicious live performance to the tee. It’s hard not to feel a pang of sadness knowing this release should have been paired with a tour, festival appearances, physical copies and a slew of new fans falling in love with their jaw dropping live shows. Instead, it was released with no promotion or warning, their Bandcamp followers seemingly the only people aware of its existence. I simply can’t condone this… In the grand scheme of things, Power Buddies were a blip in the history of Edmonton’s music scene, but that blip was deafening. The best way to honour their tenure would be to nab the final album and begin blaring it from your speakers right now.

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