The Prettys


¡Tapas! // Independent

The Prettys have been consistently churning out impeccably crafted garage rock in Vancouver for over five years. Forming during the city’s “No Fun City” era didn’t deter this band from putting on frenetic shows however/whenever possible, which quickly catapulted them into the hearts of frustrated Vancouver music lovers. Years later, things are looking up in the city and The Prettys are still going strong with the release of their third album called ¡Tapas!. With three different songwriters contributing tracks, the album never dulls and continually offers a new take on indie rock. A cleaner, more robust sound is on display this time around, moving them slightly away from true garage rock. Songs like “Nite Creeper” or “Leishmaniasis” would slide in effortlessly into a radio station’s regular rotation and are catchy enough to be considered pop. Have no fear though, for those who loved the fuzzy garage rock of albums past they have you covered with psyched-out rocker “Nite Drive” or the guitar forward and solo frenzied, “Fast Cars”. ¡Tapas! is a release from a band that has clearly refined their song craft. With three songwriters all playing to their strengths, The Prettys’ third record is engaging from start to finish while showcasing the band members different styles.

- Jeff MacCallum