Time Hasn’t Changed You // Pheromone

Out this Friday!

Altameda’s newest record, Time Hasn’t Changed You, is a dazzling balancing act between modern country and soul music that cements the band’s place in the ongoing roots revival scene in the prairies. Every song is incredibly dynamic, and these shifts in intensity make the music deeply emotive. “Soft Shoes Slip Away” is a perfect example of these huge contrasts; it’s a folky ballad that erupts into stacks of harmony vocals and a filthy, Blake Mills inspired guitar solo, and then falls into a single acoustic guitar without missing a beat. “Time Hasn’t Changed Me” uses a McCartney-esque progression in the chorus against folky, Americana tinged verses to create this contrast, and is probably the best track on the release. The band’s knowledge of country conventions, both lyrically and with the instrumentation, adds a fun flavour to most tracks, while a horn section and wurlitzer appear frequently to imply shades of the 1970’s. Altameda has avoided the dreaded sophomore slump with Time Hasn’t Changed You, crafting an album that is a worthy follow up to their debut, and charts enough new ground to keep things interesting.

- Sean Newton