The Great Sabatini/Blue Standard/Chris Dadge/Homeshake

The Great Sabatini - Goodbye Audio

There is a lot to be angry about on this crazy planet and The Great Sabatini puts a regulator on that rage with Goodbye Audio, a calculated and brooding noise rock masterpiece that will rip you off your high-horse and drag you through the sludge.

Blue Standard - A Good Thing

A Good Thing is the debut release from the Toronto duo, Blue Standard.  Recreating jazzy classics with just vocals and a piano recorded live off the floor, this album embodies the simplicity of a head in the clouds.

Chris Dadge - Close Enough For Comfort

Forget your preconceived notions of what a piece of music should be, cast aside your worries of the day and settle in to an album outside of the ordinary that induces a meditative state with sparse percussive instrumentation. 

Homeshake - Nothing Could Be Better

The new single from Helium, due out February 15th 2019, calmly delivers a pleasant arrangement of digital and analog sounds that create a futuristic and dreamlike state where “nothing could be better”.

- Jeshaiah David