Nap Eyes/Carter & the Capitals/Satanic Rights/Construction & Destruction with Steven Lambke

Nap Eyes - Too Bad EP

In this, the second release of 2018 by Nova Scotia’s Nap eyes, the guitars lightly weave a backdrop for a poet’s reflections.  Both songs convey a feeling of understanding gained and then really believed as the band drives the point home with a second time through the lyrics.

Carter & the Capitals - “Good Try”

Thick production and a super tight rhythm section helps this new funk-rock single out of Edmonton really sizzle. The keyboards are fat and fuzzy, imitating power chords with distortion while leaving room for the hooks to thrive and the soloists to shine.

Satanic Rights - Blues Druid

Mixing the simplicity and tenacity of late 70’s and early 80’s hardcore punk with vocals that fall somewhere between Danzig and Maiden, this ripper wastes no time getting the party started. Blues Druid is a fun take on crossover metal that will keep you entertained for years to come.

Construction & Destruction / Steven Lambke - Revolution C

Revolution C is a collection of three songs by three different song writers with three different approaches. Colleen Collins, David Trenaman and Steven Lambke (The Constantines) display a connectivity and comfort arranging music that only comes from years of experience playing together.  

- Jeshaiah David