Peach Pyramid/Apollo Ghosts/Dream Creeps/Heavy Early Duo

Peach Pyramid - Bright Blue

Bright Blue is the sparkling new EP by the incredibly whimsical Peach Pyramid from Victoria. They bring super chill jazzy vibes in to enhance their musical wonderland of songs that are a source of escape from harsh realities. 

Apollo Ghosts - Living Memory 

With this latest release, Vancouver’s Apollo Ghosts has tapped into the tranquility of mother nature and what she is telling us. It records her untold story that has been drowned out by the noise of “progress”. All proceeds from this album are donated to the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society. 

Dream Creeps - Astral Vampires

Regina’s Dream Creeps just put out their debut release, Astral Vampires, at the end of September. The band creates tension with technicality and then softens the blow a little with warm melodies.

Heavy Early Duo - The Hound

The full name is Heavy Early Duo - Mike Silverman and Vadim Budman and they are the two Edmontonians waking at the break of dawn to make a racket. Their new album which is titled The Hound will spook you to the core.

- Jeshaiah David