056 - Joe Vickers

Joe Vickers came up in the Edmonton music scene busking around town in the early 2000’s before forming one of the cities most beloved bands called Audio/Rocketry.

Audio/Rocketry fused punk and folk together into songs that became instant classics, their music is as equally great for foot stompin’ as it is for moshing. Although they are still an active band, members live in different cities, including Vickers himself who makes his living as a farmer in Drumheller. With Audio/Rocketry slowing down, Vickers needed a creative outlet for his musings so he went back to his beginnings and started making music by himself. Since 2011, he has released 4 EPs and 2 full lengths, the most recent being the incredible 2018 album Notes for the Wood Burning Stove. Before Vickers took to the stage with Audio/Rocketry for the Cups N Cakes 5 year anniversary this past April, he stopped by our studio for a chat. 

Recorded April 13th, 2019.

Track used with full permission from Joe Vickers.

Catch the “Inside The Artists Studio” episode with Audio/Rocketry that was referenced in this interview here.

Background Music:

Atlantis Jazz Ensemble - Undercurrents

Used with permission from Atlantis Jazz Ensemble and Marlow Records