057 - Snake River

Jeff sits down with Snake River’s principal songwriter Christopher Sleightholm at the 2019 Sled Island Music Festival. His Regina based band makes psychedelic garage rock a cut above their peers. They’ve been at it for over seven years and have released five full length albums and one EP. The narrative for most the records revolves around Reginald McKruski and his wife Jeanie McFeven-McKruski in the town of Snake River Mountain. Last years excellent album “Tread On to the Unknown You” saw that story arc continue in what was Snake River’s best album to date. An album that landed them in the Cups N Cakes Network’s “Best Albums of 2018”. 

Recorded June 21st, 2019.

Track used with full permission from Snake River.

Background Music:

Atlantis Jazz Ensemble - Undercurrents

Used with permission from Atlantis Jazz Ensemble and Marlow Records