New Team Member


We are pleased to add another valuable member to the Cups N Cakes Team. Saskatoon’s Jeshaiah David will be helping out by bringing a brand new feature to our network. Every Friday, (beginning tomorrow, December 7th) we will feature four “Quick Picks” for you to explore. Albums, EPs or singles will be found here along with short blurbs about what you’re hearing. Jeshaiah will be handling this new feature and we are so pleased to have him onboard.

Here’s a little more information on our newest team member:

For Jeshaiah, music has been the one thing in his life more constant than change.  From his early years in the lower mainlands in BC, to small town Saskatchewan, to Paris, France, music has been an interactive companion through it all. His early exposure to music through family and friends, choir, then learning saxophone and guitar gave him an appreciation for a wide variety of genres. Going to local all-ages shows and starting his first band as a teen gave him a taste of creative freedom that kept him coming back for more. After writing music and touring Canada from coast to coast with multiple bands for much of the last decade, Jeshaiah spent his last year in Saskatoon finding a balance between his work as a carpenter and his love for guitars by starting to design and build his own. He used one of his own designs to record and tour with his current band, Soul Mates, together since 2011. Now living in Paris, Jeshaiah is trying to expand his musical reach all while keeping the band together long distance using many of the skills he’s learned on the way. 

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