Single Premiere: Body Lens - ikon

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The Cups N Cakes Compilation Cassette is one week away from release! We thought we'd give you another teaser with this exclusive premiere of Body Lens - ikon.

Body Lens very recently put out their debut release and it was a Pick Of The Week here at Cups N Cakes. We love this Lethbridge band and love this track! After you have a listen, read our review of their self titled release here.

The compilation cassette is a D.I.Y. labour of love. It starts with every band involved recording an exclusive track just for this collection then ends with the over-the-top packaging designed to imitate a box of Crayola Crayons. All tapes are hand-coloured, stencilled and numbered. Preorders available now or if in Edmonton, pick one up in person at the Cups N Cakes 4 Year Anniversary Show!

Be sure to come back on Sunday and tune into our internet radio show. We will be having a listening party of the entire compilation. Plus! We will be joined by Craig Martell of Double Lunch Records and Ella Coyes of Sister Ray & Double Lunch Records.