Body Lens


Body Lens // Independent

Hailing from Lethbridge, Body Lens have been making serious waves throughout their home province of Alberta. Playing post-punk at its finest, they weave guitar parts together over an impressive rhythmic groove that can both compliment or steal the show. The album opens with pure perfection as the lead single “Value” showcases the cohesive relationship between all members and their instruments. To take away or add anything else would make this song fall apart, it’s an impressive statement of song craft. This recipe continues with the urgent track “Fixing” before turning the speed down to slow motion for “Empty Space” which is a necessary respite before continuing with the last three songs. “Jiltz” stands out on the back half bringing a sense of uneasiness as the tempo continues to increase while Brandon Wynnychuk yells semi discernible lyrics with his unique delivery. The album has a bleak mood, despite a lot going on musically. They are able to capture a feeling of emptiness that was inspired by the prairie landscape they call home. One of the most impressive debuts you will ever hear, Body Lens is a perfect six song blast of post-punk prowess.