Shooting Guns


Another Wolfcop OST // One Way Static

After stumbling into the opportunity to score the first Wolfcop movie back in 2014, Shooting Guns may have found their niche. Known for their loud krautrock/stoner-metal stylings, the first Wolfcop OST forced them to explore new ideas to work within the different scenes of the movie. The experiment worked so well that they ended up further honing their soundtracking abilities by taking on the classic horror flick Nosferatu before circling back for the second instalment of the Wolfcop franchise. Easily their most ambitious project to date, Another Wolfcop OST has the Shooting Guns experimenting with new instruments and genres. The eerie 80’s infused electronic sounds on “Frank Is A Robot” and “Judge Recall” or the lovely piano and strings of “Hard To Swallows” will have you checking to be sure you’re actually listening to a Shooting Guns record. The album is still dominated by the sludgy riffs we’ve come to expect from this Saskatoon band, but the new experimentation adds a sonic variety to their trademark sound. It’s this variety that makes Another Wolfcop OST a well balanced listen and easily their best work to date.