Single Premiere: Jared Doherty - Keep The Balloon

Kamloops based artist Jared Doherty is a busy guy. When he’s not championing his small cities music scene, he’s making music with At Mission Dolores, Mother Sun, or under his given name. Last year he released a debut album called Small Window that impressed us so much that the track “Attention! Salute” made it onto our “Best Tracks Of 2018” list. Doherty has had a crazy 2019 with the release of two albums from At Mission Dolores and another from Mother Sun, yet he still found time to spring out a solo tune in time for Halloween.

The song started as a fun afternoon messing around and recording in Doherty’s basement studio with an old bandmate and friend Keegan Robertson, as well as Jared’s older brother Conor who had never recorded anything in his life. The trio jammed out on an ancient (and potentially haunted) Lowrey organ, laying down some tracks for Doherty to chop-up, sample, and rearrange. He stacked layers of guitars, drums and additional synthesizers on the track, relishing the challenge of making something out of nothing. Lyrically this is reflected in the song, as Doherty sings about combatting bouts of depression through the freedom of creative expression.