Help Wanted


A few weeks ago, the Cups N Cakes Network was given the sad news that team member Brittany Rudyck would be leaving us to focus on school and a not-for-profit company she is co-founding. Brittany and Jeff talk about why she is leaving in further detail on episode 128 of our radio show. Although we are sad to see her go, we are very proud of the good work she is doing to create awareness of abuse within the Edmonton service industry. 

Her loss creates a void here at the Cups N Cakes Network that needs to be filled. (And in all honesty, it’s a void we would love to have filled by a non-white dude… that being said, no inquiry will go unvetted). 

We are calling on anyone interested in being a part of our team to come forward. We would like another “on-air” radio personality and also another writer. Most importantly, we are looking for people with different musical backgrounds to help expand the Cups N Cakes universe into new realms. 

Please apply by submitting a request at the bottom of our homepage.